I use maya default human ik example, see my gif, when i rotate in viewport, rotate work, but when i undo and rotate with same command in script editor, it cannot rotate, how to rotate ik control in command enter image description here

I try maya 2018 and maya lt 2018, it has same problem

update 18-6-22 I find the solution, maya default doesn't show all commands, I should script editor > history > echo all commands

enter image description here

I need more code to change ik control in "control rig" status I select a ik control(like right arm), and run following python code:

import maya.mel as mel
import maya.cmds as cmds

mel.eval("hikManipStart 1 1")


mel.eval("hikManipStop") //

it work

My tmp solution is: in human ik toolwin, set "Source" to none, and rotate original joint will work enter image description here

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