In Quality settings, there is Antialiasing option with 2~8x sample range. I can change the sample by script like this:

QualitySettings.antiAliasing = myAAValue;

However is there a maximum value? In Unity Editor, minimum is 2 and maximum is 8.


8 is the maximum supported value. See the Unity Manual on the AntiAliasing option:

AntiAliasing - This sets the level of antialiasing that will be used. The options are 2x, 4x and 8x multi-sampling.

Note that when setting via script, antiAliasing is an int, so if you set a higher unsupported value it should default to the highest supported number less than the indicated number. See Unity's QualitySettings.antialising documentation that mentions this behavior:


public static int antiAliasing;

Set The AA Filtering option.

Anti-aliasing value indicates the number of samples per pixel. If unsupported by the hardware or rendering API, the greatest supported number of samples less than the indicated number is used.


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