We're currently developing a 2D Platformer and we decided to take some time to implement Accessibility Features. But we couldn't find good information about Accessibility Features, muss less how to implenent them. With Accessibility Features we mean things like to reduce risk of seizure (Photosensitive Epilepsy). There will be a Accessibility Menu to manually activate these.

So does anybody have some Ideas what Features we could implement and some helpful tips about how to implement them?


The most relevant accessibility concerns for game developers are:

  • Color blindness. The most frequent one is red-green blindness which affects 9% of all men (it's quite rare for women but not unheard of either). See this question for more details.
  • Other visual impairments. There are many people who have bad eyesight. These players can be accomodated by having large and easy to read UI elements and fonts. Designing a game which can be played by completely blind people is a very difficult challenge which greatly restricts your game design. It hurts me to write it, but I think that unless you target blind gamers as your primary demographic and design your complete game around not having any graphics it simply does not make economic sense to develop a "blind mode" for most games. But if you manage to pull this off, then I am pretty sure that you will get some media interest in your game. I would certainly want to check out your game to see hear and feel how you did this.
  • Deafness. Your game should not rely too much on audio cues. Make sure that any information communicated via audio is also communicated visually. This also has the nice side-effect that it allows non-disabled gamers to play your game without sound if they want to.
  • Motoric disabilities. There are gamers who don't have two hands with 5 fingers each or can not move them as well as most people can. Measures to make your game playable for these gamers are:
    • Very customizable input configuration.
    • Support for a wide variety of input devices. You should also make sure that the game fully playable with any single one of the input devices (mouse-only, keyboard-only or gamepad-only).
    • An ultra-low difficulty setting.
    • Cheatcodes which remove mechanics which can be impossible for people with impaired motor-skills.

Some resources for further reading:

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for your Great Answer and very helpful Resources, we will definitely implement some of those! Unfortunately since we develop a Fight intensive 2D Platformer (like Hollow Knight) with a lot of Climbing and Jumping, I don't think it's possible to make it playable for completely blind People. Of course, if someone have some Ideas how to do that, then we will try to implement this. \$\endgroup\$ – Jonathan Wright May 18 '18 at 15:42

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