I need to record and show video from a real camera device in iOS/Unity and show that video as a texture in RawImage (Image of what I want)

What I have tried so far:

  • Unity WebCamTexture API: It shows the camera in a texture but it has two problems! It does not record audio and does not have an API to save video!

  • Camera Capture Plugin: I bought this plugin but unfortunately it does not have the feature to show video in a texture; it just opens the camera device's application.

  • EverPlay plugin: I tried this plugin and it seems that it just creates a video from the screen and not the camera

  • Unity Video Capture API: There is also this API for recording video with sound but unfortunately it is part of Windows Mixed Reality and does not support iOS

  • Using Objective C: I tried to write the video recording section directly in Objective C, I did it but I could not find a way to embed that in the Unity scene -- I'm not sure it's even possible! ( what I tried)

I appreciate any other solutions that can help.


Are you targeting Metal or OpenGL?

I would suggest taking a look at CreateExternalTexture

This lets you basically take an id<MTLTexture> (Metal) or GLuint pointing to a native texture (OpenGL) and turn it into a Unity texture.

You can use AVFoundation to get the video and stream it to a Metal texture. Here is Apple’s example project which does that part.

  • \$\begingroup\$ ty for your response, It helps. actually, I ended up adding save functionality in unity's ios source code( which like you said uses AVFoundation for its webcamtexture API) \$\endgroup\$ – omid May 22 '18 at 4:48

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