I built a simple scene that I instanciate at will. Simply a KinematicBody2D as root, containing a Sprite and a CollisionShape2D. There is a script linked to the root node that basically expose a few properties to describe an orbit and make it move in orbit around its parent. The point being to make a very basic solar system simulation or anything that requires a node to move around another in a circular fashion.

Instanciated scene tree

The movement work fine and I’ve been playing around my scene tree, instancing a bunch and watching them move around as moons of planets, etc. But the texture is all the same. If I make children editable, I can go change the texture of the sprite, but I’d like to expose that property from the root node so I can access it directly from the editor.

I tried adding an exposed property with a setter and a getter to assign and retrieve the texture, but it seems to crash Godot completely with this code:

export(Texture) onready var texture setget texture_set, texture_get

func texture_set(newtexture):
    $"Sprite".texture = newtexture

func texture_get():
    return $"Sprite".texture

Is there a solution for that? Or simply another way?


I would export the texture variable from the root node and simply set the child texture in _ready(), rather than mess around with getters and setters.

export(Texture) var my_texture 

func _ready():
    get_node("Sprite").texture = my_texture
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    \$\begingroup\$ Always the simple solution that works ;) \$\endgroup\$ – BadgerBadger Apr 25 '18 at 22:15

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