I have XML sheet that I use in my game. In my unity(C#) game, a game's monster can spawn at predetermined position or random position.

<monster delay="0.2" isRed = "true" position ="random"/>
<monster delay="0.3" isRed = "true" position ="10 20"/>

Right now I read value of position and if it is "random" then I assign random position for the monster.

If it is not "random" then I parse the value, separate them by a space bar then use the two numbers I obtain from the "position" as position of my monster.

I get this gut feeling what I am doing is probably really ugly and inefficient that there is probably better way to do this, but I am not sure.


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It's hard to avoid "ugly and inefficient" when serializing data as XML, but space- or comma- separated strings for coordinate data is okay. Alternatively, you can use two attributes or make position a child element, but I'm not sure these are better than what you already have.

<monster delay="0.3" isRed="true" position-x="10" position-y="20" />

<monster delay="0.3" isRed="true">
   <position x="10" y="20" />

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