I have been investigating various 3d engines for iPhone/iPad development and have mostly decided to use Ogre3d. I have got the SDK, the iPhone dependancies, built and run the SampleBrowser project on the simulator and (with some difficulty) my 3GS. My problem is with the complexity of the SampleBrowser project.

It is a cross platform project, which (at this point) I am not interested in supporting and pre-loads all the Ogre tech samples (some of which don't work on the iPhone). What I really need is a very simple bare bones Hello World XCode project to start work with. If someone knows where I can find one, I would appreciate it. If not, building one is the next thing on my todo list.

I have posted the same question on the Ogre forums, so if I get some feedback there, I will update here.


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Unsurprisingly, the Ogre guys have a cut down template project that you can use as a basis to build Ogre XCode projects.

If you have downloaded and installed the SDK (i.e. haven't built the source yourself), you can just install the Ogre XCode templates and they will build and run out of the box.

If you have built the source from the Mercurial repo, you can find the template projects in the SDK/OSX/Xcode templates directory of the SDK. You might have to play around with library and include directories to get it working, as they assume the layout of the prebuilt SDK.


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