I am attempting to expose glm vector functions/data to luabridge like so:

    .addConstructor<void(*)(const float&, const float&, const float&)>()
    .addData("x", &glm::mediump_vec3::x)
    .addData("y", &glm::mediump_vec3::y)
    .addData("z", &glm::mediump_vec3::z)
    .addData("r", &glm::mediump_vec3::r)
    .addData("g", &glm::mediump_vec3::g)
    .addData("b", &glm::mediump_vec3::b)

but I am struggling with the operators, such as addition, as they do not seem to be directly attached to the class, and are in a mess of templates. I'm wondering if I should put in a layer of indirection, and have some kind of simpler, non template version of the vec3 in order to make exposure of methods simpler, or if there is a way to register the operators cleanly. Does anyone know how to do this?


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