I have been banging my head for compiling RVO2 to my Visual Studio 2017 for a long time. Can anyone tell me how do i make it compile?

Here is my Upgrade Log:

Upgrade Log

For those who are unable to see, It shows:

examples\Blocks.vcproj: VCWebServiceProxyGeneratorTool is no longer supported. The tool has been removed from your project settings.

RVO.sln: Visual Studio needs to make non-functional changes to this project in order to enable the project to open in released versions of Visual Studio newer than Visual Studio 2010 SP1 without impacting project behavior.

I have no idea what these warnings mean. But RVO site http://gamma.cs.unc.edu/RVO2/documentation/2.0/compiling.html says after opening .sln, RVO.lib will be generated in a folder lib alongwith include folder.

But it seems none of these happens.

Also, I have wsl(Windows-Subsystem-for-Linux) in which I can somehow run the library, But I want to use SDL for rendering the output of RVO library, and I found SDL cannot be rendered in wsl.

I can render SDL in Visual Studio 2017, But RVO wont compile. Does anyone have a solution to my dilemma?


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