I made test task in company and in requirements there was a point which stated that on the machine where check will take place only JDK of the last version is established.
I have an auto generated LibGdx Gradle project. An i think i need to write an instruction how to run project from the command line on Windows and Linux. Or may be run Jar file. But i don't know how to generate it in Eclipse.
Thank you for any help.


I'm not sure, I understand your question correctly
You will create a runnable .jar in eclipse?

When you use Gradle you can write in terminal: gradlew desktop:dist.
Then you find a runnable .jar under \desktop\build\libs\

Here are some more links how you can create a runnable .jar from libgdx project: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16765596/executable-jar-with-eclipse-libgdx




Hope it helps

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