As the title says, I'm using the default fps template from UE4 (blueprint template) and the movement speed is very high, also I want to adjust the mouse sensitivity, but I don't know where are those values, nor the variables, and my other question is... Where are those values/variables?


The player has a max speed which I've found useful for lowering speed when a player runs out of stamina. To set it up to lower the speed from the beginning, use connect the following to your BeginPlay: enter image description here

If my memory is correct, the default walking speed is 600 so adjust yours accordingly until the speed is what you want.

With the mouse sensitivity issue, this is just a guess because I've never done it myself but in the Input Settings (Project Settings->Engine->Input) the default scales for InputAxis->Turn are 1.0 and -1.0. I would presume that if you adjust these to lower values, the mouse would move slower.

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