I'm trying to recreate something I saw on reddit a while back. I tried rendering camera output onto planes, but am not getting the results that I want -- this is basically what I'm trying to recreate:

Portal Cube

I found this project on GitHub, which is similar, but definitely different as it's rendering stationary objects depending on the view (is that what I want to be doing?).

Here is what I have so far:

A cube with inward-facing planes, which has a sphere inside it:

Inverse Cube Side

An orthographic camera facing each inner wall:

Portal Camera

A cube with outward-facing planes:


Each cube face has a material on it:


With a texture on it that reflects one of the camera's viewports:

enter image description here

I'm sure I need to do some kind of shader stencil work - and I don't have too much experience. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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