This is a redo of another question I asked. First I want to clarify that I am indeed using drag and drop. So saying something like "maybe switching to gml will fix your problem" is appreciated, but wont help. Anyway, this is what my block looks like:

[Create Instance]

Object: object11 X: random(room_width) Y: random(room_height) Layer: "Instances_2"

I have used this to randomly generate things in my games before, but I am now realizing it isn't very random. Every time it generates, it is in a random place, but it is that same random place every time I play. Does anybody know how to fix this? (sorry this was so long)

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I am almost certain that this is a setting for debugging purposes. Debugging randomness is a pain so sometimes engines do a pseudo randomness with some sort of seed so that you can have consistency for debugging purposes.

I am not familiar with Game Maker but this would be my best bet. hope this helps.

(addition): Just from googling it seems that i am indeed correct and you should call randomize() at the start of your game.Click here to see the DOC.

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