I am using FBX SDK 2018.1.1 to write a simple utility application on windows that will export existing FBX file (this file is exported from Blender 2.79).

I need to set the creator of the final FBX file to "My custom FBX exporter". As per documentation of FBX SDK, it can be done using


here is the code snippet used to export the FBX:

FbxExporter* pExporter = FbxExporter::Create(m_pSdkManager, "");


FbxIOFileHeaderInfo *infoExporter = pExporter->GetFileHeaderInfo();
infoExporter->mCreator = "My custom FBX exporter";


But when I read this newly exported FBX file it shows "FBX SDK/FBX Plugins version 2018.1.1" in the mCreator field. This is the snippet when I import the file (just to check if mCreator property is properly set)

lImportStatus = lImporter->Import(m_pScene);

info = lImporter->GetFileHeaderInfo();

How do I properly set the mCreator in FBX file header so that it is set in final exported file?


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Try this code as your baseline, which is from Unreal Engine in the file of UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Editor\UnrealEd\Private\Fbx\FbxMainExport.cpp

void FFbxExporter::CreateDocument()
    Scene = FbxScene::Create(SdkManager,"");
    // create scene info
    FbxDocumentInfo* SceneInfo = FbxDocumentInfo::Create(SdkManager,"SceneInfo");
    SceneInfo->mTitle = "Unreal FBX Exporter";
    SceneInfo->mSubject = "Export FBX meshes from Unreal";
    SceneInfo->Original_ApplicationVendor.Set( "Epic Games" );
    SceneInfo->Original_ApplicationName.Set( "Unreal Engine" );
    SceneInfo->Original_ApplicationVersion.Set( TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*FEngineVersion::Current().ToString()) );
    SceneInfo->LastSaved_ApplicationVendor.Set( "Epic Games" );
    SceneInfo->LastSaved_ApplicationName.Set( "Unreal Engine" );
    SceneInfo->LastSaved_ApplicationVersion.Set( TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*FEngineVersion::Current().ToString()) );

    FbxAxisSystem::EFrontVector FrontVector = (FbxAxisSystem::EFrontVector)-FbxAxisSystem::eParityOdd;
    if (GetExportOptions()->bForceFrontXAxis)
        FrontVector = FbxAxisSystem::eParityEven;

    const FbxAxisSystem UnrealZUp(FbxAxisSystem::eZAxis, FrontVector, FbxAxisSystem::eRightHanded);
    // Maya use cm by default
    //FbxScene->GetGlobalSettings().SetOriginalSystemUnit( KFbxSystemUnit::m );

    bSceneGlobalTimeLineSet = false;
    // setup anim stack
    AnimStack = FbxAnimStack::Create(Scene, "Unreal Take");
    //KFbxSet<KTime>(AnimStack->LocalStart, KTIME_ONE_SECOND);
    AnimStack->Description.Set("Animation Take for Unreal.");

    // this take contains one base layer. In fact having at least one layer is mandatory.
    AnimLayer = FbxAnimLayer::Create(Scene, "Base Layer");

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