I am trying to configure Atom, so that when I edit my C# scripts from my project, I am aided by the Unity autocomplete. So far, I am able to open the project and every time I type an error in Atom, Unity shows it in its logs. But you get my point, for example, when I am using Visual Studio, I have had this autocomplete functionality from the beginning without having me to do anything in particular.

I went to External Tools and choose the atom.exe from the following the AppData folder path. I am required some External Script Editor Args and I am not sure what to type there. After doing all of this, I pressed Open C# Project from the Assets drop-down menu as I have read that this syncs the project. Atom opened, I had the project in the tree-view and when I start editing, I did not get the autocomplete functionality.

Does anyone else use Atom or at least Sublime as text editor? Did you stumble over this issue too?


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