Any idea if there is a way I can make a gameobject snap to something when it gets close to it? Like drag a cube around and when it gets close to something then snap to it.

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Any position you want it to snap to as it gets close, you could do something like this (Psuedo code)

(assuming you already have code to move the object) - Create a parent object, that contains the script SnapOn.
- That parent object is what moves.
- The child object should have the visible element, cube for instance. - In the SnapOn Script, - - The anchors are used to define positions the object can snap to - - The "movable" is the child object that actually renders. - - SnapDistance is how far away to snap.

class SnapOn {
public Transform[] anchors;
public Transform movable;
public float SnapDistance = 1f;

Update() {
  // first we find the closest object, but looping through all and saving the shortest distance (and position)
  var distance = float.max;
  var point = vector3.zero;
  foreach(var anchor in anchors)
    var d = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, anchor.position);
    if (d < distance) 
      distance = d;
      point = anchor.position;

  // now we decide if there is anything it should snap to.
  if (distance > SnapDistance) // too far, keep renderable with movable.
    movable.position = transform.position;
  else // position is close enough to snap point put it there.
    movable.position = point;

if you neglect to track the moving position separate from where to render the object, the instance you are on a snap on to a position, you will unlikely be able to move the object far enough in a single frame to allow it to "unsnap"


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