How to change or remove Skybox on run time in unity using C#?

Is there any way to remove it while its not even required?

Or load it using http link for material we are using in Skybox.

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use this under any function if you want to remove for example in

void Update()
{ RenderSettings.skybox = (null);

or just use this RenderSetting.skybox = (null);

public material = skyboxMat;

to change skybox same RenderSetting.skybox = skyboxMat; is being used


In addition setting the skybox globally with RenderSettings.skybox = newMaterial, you can also set a skybox on the camera-level. This can be useful when you want to have different cameras with different skyboxes.

  1. Add a Skybox component to the camera game object
  2. Refer to it with GetComponent<Skybox>().material = newMaterial

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