When I interrupt an Animator Controller during an Animation and reopen it the Armature gets stuck (more or less) at the point where the previous Animation was interrupted. How can I safely and instantly quit an animation without destroying it?

Please watch the Video to fully comprehend the problem: https://youtu.be/O9X5SBATHRw

Screenshot of Problem:

enter image description here

Screenshot of Animator Controller:

enter image description here

Part of the Weapon Switch Script:

disableWeaponModel(weaponNameList[activeWeapon]); //Disable active Weapon Model

if (holsteredWeapon == -1) //If player carries only 1 weapon
    holsteredWeapon = activeWeapon; //Active Weapon is holstered
else //Player already carries 2 weapons
    actionDropGun(); //Active Weapon is thrown (New LOD generated)

activeWeapon = getWeaponIDfromLOD(targetName); //Active Weapon is set to Target LOD

setWeaponVars(activeWeapon); //Set all variables to the active Weapon
setWeaponModel(weaponNameList[activeWeapon]); //Set Weapon Model to the active Weapon
setAnimator(weaponNameList[activeWeapon]); //Set Animations to the active Weapon

setAnimator(string name) Function from above (last code line):

void setAnimator(string name)
    //Add new guns here
    if (name == "MP5A3")
        currentWeaponAnimation = MP5A3_Animation;
    else if (name == "Rpk-74")
        currentWeaponAnimation = Rpk74_Animation;
    else if (name == "Skorpion")
        currentWeaponAnimation = Skorpion_Animation;

Variables from setAnimator(string name):

enter image description here


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Turning on Optimize Game Objects on the Rig tab of your model fixed this for me (Generic/Humanoid animations only). The only problem is that it won't work for you, if you actually need the model bones as gameobjects.


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