I need to scale a Texture2D (let's say it's 16x16) to 64x64.

I tried scaling it in the SpriteBatch#Draw method, but it doesn't look like pixel art as soon as it's drawn, more like a lot of anti-aliasing happened.

I chose 64x64 because 16x16 is pretty small, and I thought I could just scale every pixel by 4 (1x1 pixel in 16x16 could be 4x4 pixels in 64x64), basically I don't want MonoGame to anti-alias when I draw the scaled Texture.

Thank you!


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You'll want to use SamplerState.PointClamp in the SpriteBatch.Begin call.

To quote this answer:

You need to set the sampler state. The default for SpriteBatch is SamplerState.LinearClamp (ie: linear interpolation - the smooth/blurry one).

Choose one of the SpriteBatch.Begin calls that takes a SamplerState and pass in SamplerState.PointClamp (selects the pixel at that precice "point").


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