Say you have a gameobject that is at a certain position(this could be your player).

Now say that you have a melee NPC that has to be within a certain range to hit the Player.

Now you would do something like this to find out where the player is:

var targetPosition = target.transform.position;

Say that the range of the NPC is 4 meaning he can be 4 units away from the player before he can start attacking him.

My question is how would you subtract that to get a position that is within range?

And am i doing this type of thing correctly? or is there a better way of doing it? :)

Any help would be appriciated a lot!


Use Vector3.Distance to get the distance between two positions.

float distanceToTarget = Vector3.Distance(playerPosition, targetPosition);
float distanceThreshold = 4f;
if (distanceToTarget <= distanceThreshold) {
    // Attack
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