I followed this excellent tutorial for creating volumetric explosions: https://stevencraeynest.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/easy-volumetric-explosion-in-unity3d/

I get the explosions as the tutorial mentioned, however, I noticed that jetpack squad does a similar technique but has getting much nicer cloud formations. My Question is, what kind of noise texture would I have to use to get a more cartoony explosion cloud like in jetpack squad vs the tutorial

jetpack squad explosion


Short answer

Simplify your textures.

Longer Answer

First, simplify, or blur, your displacement map. One way of doing this is to generate the displacement maps with a lower resolution. Then, scale it up, using interpolation, to the original dimensions. This will simplify the shape of the explosion. It should end up looking more like the second image, and less like the first: (original image from provided link):

Original displacement textureNew displacement texture

This will make your explosion look less detailed.

Second, simplify your ramp texture so that it looks more like this: enter image description here

This will make your explosion look less smooth, since there are essentially only two color values (besides the gradient in the middle).


Simplifying your textures creates a more cartoony explosion, since cartoons are really just simplified graphics, right?


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