I'm in the making of a 2D silhouette style game where I'm trying basically 2 setups:

  • One where it consists only of sprites,
  • One where it consists of a mix of sprites and meshes with NO texture.

Now, I'm experimenting with the two as I wish to want the scenes to take up the least memory.

I have these weird outcomes:


  • Total 280 MB, Textures 155.5 MB, Meshes 1.7 MB
  • Total 249 MB, Textures 151 MB, Meshes 4.1 MB
  • Total 279 MB, Textures 151.0 MB, Meshes 10.8 MB


  • Total 334.4 MB, Textures 188.2 MB, Meshes 1.8 MB
  • Total 241 MB, Textures 148,0 MB, Meshes 2,3 MB
  • Total 253.1 MB, Textures 157.7 MB, Meshes 4.2 MB
  • Total 301.8 MB, Textures 157.7 MB, Meshes 8.4 MB
  • Total 234.8 MB, Textures 145.3 MB, Meshes 1.9 MB

Now, I find these result strange because:

  • It was checked on the exact same scene (the mesh setup had same amount of objects, just swapped the sprites for meshes) and the data is inconsistent, meaning there is about 100MB difference between the same mesh scene
  • A scene of mostly mesh with zero textures uses more, or at least not less, textures than a sprite only scene??

By taking a look at the data above, I would require someone skilled to guide me through this. Shall I keep using those meshes or just go for sprites? What is really goind on here with this data?


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