Good day. I would like to create a "rich" GUI for my game.

How can i add a 3d model to a GUI Button (with continous rotation ) ? If I can't add a 3d model to a GUI button, what is the best way to visualize a 3d model rotating ?

Maybe creating a video file or animated gif and adding it to my button ?



I suppose you're talking about the new UI system (coming with UnityEngine.UI) and not the old GUI system.

If you want to display a 3D model in a GUIButton, you can simply use a Render Texture. In another part of the scene you display the animated 3D model you want to use and put a camera dedicated to watch it. The main difference between this new camera and the main camera is that the new one doesn't render on screen but in a Render Texture. Then you can easily use this Render Texture like a regular texture in your UI using RawImage component.


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