In my game the character movement animations work fine but now I'm trying to do a sequence of programmatic animations, for an enemy character, and it's proving to be a pain.

I'm just doing it on Android.

I have the enemy character doing a walking animation till it reaches and end position, then I want it to do a three frame throw animation. It's walk animation is fine.

Since I only want to do the throw animation frames once, I tried to use Animation.PlayMode.NORMAL, and try to use isAnimationFinished().

I also tried to get the frame number using getKeyFrameIndex() to try to detect when it showed the last frame.

But in both cases, when it reaches the end position, either I just see a flash of one of the throwing frames, or nothing at all, and it says it's "finished" with the animation, using one of the above ways to test it.

    throwingSkeletonObject.position.x,  // x
    throwingSkeletonObject.position.y,  // y
    1,      // width
    1);     // height

I'm using the fStateTime that was passed into the Object from the update() of the Object. For the walking animation I use:


and for the throw animation:


The frameDuration for the walk animation is 0.7f and for the throw 0.3f.

So what do I need to do to be able to actually see all the frames of the throw animation, and then be able to tell when that's "finished", so I can go back to the walk animation going the other way or whatever?

I've tried lots of different combinations of things, including using a slower throw frameDuration, and nothing seems to really work.

Eventually I want to try to get the Boss animations going and those are much more complicated, so I want to get this fairly simple sequence to work.


In the update() I'm doing:

throwingSkeletonObject.fStateTime += fDeltaTime;

The game is 2D, and I'm not using scene2D.


I wrote a smaller test app in hopes of replicating the problem but it worked pretty well. When it did the throw animation I reset the StateTime back to zero, so as a test, I commented that out so it used the same StateTime as the walking animation and it only showed one frame of the throwing animation, so I think that was the problem. But I'm not sure about the throwing animation "end" test, I'm hoping that that will also work now.


The problem with the throwing animation is quite simple: timing.

You set the frameDuration to 0.3f. This is (obviously) equal to 3/10f. When you set the frameDuration, it's in terms of seconds per frame. In this case, each frame lasts 0.3 seconds for a total of under a second.

Try setting the frameDuration to 2/3f. That will result in the throw animation lasting almost exactly 2 seconds.


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