I have created a dialog in Libgdx main menu screen.

I have tried

dialog.setPosition(300, 300);

It doesn't do anything. Is it a camera trick? Am I missing something?


Just in case some people encounter the same issue :

Libgdx javadoc says dialog is centered by default with show method.

Do :

dialog.setPosition(300, 300);

Instead of dialog.showto let the dialog use these positions instead of default ones computed by show method.


You could use the show method:

dialog.show(stage, sequence(Actions.alpha(0), Actions.fadeIn(0.4f, Interpolation.fade)));
dialog.setPosition(position.x, position.y);

According to the source code, the general show method just auto-sets the position to the center. By using this method, you could pass the auto-set center.

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