I am working on a 3D Chess game and I want to implement an A.I bot to play with the player. I found a chess engine called Stockfish which serves this purpose, and I would like to implement that engine in my project.

Is it as simple as including the Stockfish code in my project or importing a binary as a plugin, or do I have to do something more complex because of the GPL licence?

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You can implement their code as a plugin in your game, as long as you plan for your game to also be GPL-licensed.

You cannot incorporate Stockfish into a proprietary product, in the sense of bundling them together so that the user perceives them as a single program - which arguably describes typical methods of using 3rd-party plugins within your Unity project.

You cannot incorporate GPL-covered software in a proprietary system. The goal of the GPL is to grant everyone the freedom to copy, redistribute, understand, and modify a program.

You still have other options if your game is proprietary:

However, in many cases you can distribute the GPL-covered software alongside your proprietary system. To do this validly, you must make sure that the free and non-free programs communicate at arms length, that they are not combined in a way that would make them effectively a single program.


If the two programs remain well separated, like the compiler and the kernel, or like an editor and a shell, then you can treat them as two separate programs—but you have to do it properly.

I am not an expert in this matter, so I will leave this as a community wiki to be updated by other users. Here is a sketch of how I think you could proceed:

  • Create an installer for your game that installs your Unity executable and assets in one place, and Stockfish separately.

  • Your game runs the Stockfish program, communicating with it using Universal Chess Interface commands.

  • You provide a configuration setting where a player can choose to redirect this behaviour to use a different UCI-compatible chess engine if they so choose, so the two programs can operate independently of each other.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Basic rule of thumb : As a player of your game I have to be able to put my own modified implementation of Stockfish and it should "just work". This IMHO is the barest minimum tip-of-the-toe dip in GPL world of software engineering. I'm no lawyer though, it might not be enough. \$\endgroup\$
    – Newtopian
    May 30, 2019 at 16:31

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