I'm looking for a tutorial that starts at square 1 for game development and moves up through intermediate/expert levels of 3D game development. I really want to get into 3D game dev and I've been trying to for awhile in my free time, but I know so little at times that I'm not even sure what terminology to use in order to phrase a question properly.

Ideally, I'm hoping to find tutorials for the XNA Framework, what little experience I have is XNA.

I've been developing for years and don't really need help with the language. What I know I need help on is stuff like rendering, what exactly a Matrix represents, and other things in the framework's library. I don't even know what all is available in the library.


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The MSDN tutorial is pretty decent, actually. I assume you've got a decent understanding of gamedev in general (else you're kind of stuck).

A book which I think is pretty good is Learning XNA 4.0. It starts off with 2D stuff for the first few chapters, but quickly progresses into 3D - cameras, models, shaders, et al. It's not much of a tutorial to making a game to a decent overview of XNA, 3D in light detail, and knowing the useful things.

As for the framework itself, it isn't that difficult to just pick it up as you go along. Pick a simple game to try for and search out what you need (of course, the book is really good for this).


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