I have to do rework of Worms (game) and I've chosen LibGDX. So, I've installed Gradle and generated a new project in LibGDX app - as they have in the documentation. But when I'm trying to load it as a project in NetBeans, it does not work. NetBeans sees it as a pure folder, not a project folder. I've also tried to manually create a project and paste there just the main that was generated and as expected, I've got errors with the imports (it does not know those imports).

What do I have to do? Thanks for any advices.


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Try to install a gradle plugin for NetBeans and then reimport the project again by using the plugin.

A community-contributed plugin is available for Gradle, the Groovy-based build system. The plugin lets you open Gradle projects into the IDE, create new Gradle projects, and invoke Gradle commands in the IDE.

Also, this official Libgdx wiki for NetBeans may be helpful.


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