Have a game where you've to shoot somethings and when you hit the GameObject I've should play. I've tried with Instantiate but I can keep shooting even if the gameobject is destroyed. What should I do in order to fix it?

 public GameObject particlesystem;

 void Start () {
    particlesystem= GameObject.Find("Effect");

 void Hit(){
 Instantiate(particlesystem, transform.position, transform.rotation);

This is how I handle it now, but as I wrote earlier I can keep activating the particle system.


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Particle System

Get your particle system in code and use public methods like Play() and Stop().

Just as an example of use:

if (Time.time > 50) {

I think that the best way to do it is, instead of

particlesystem= GameObject.Find("Effect");

assign the prefab in the unity GUI (in the script field)

In addition, when you want to play the effect you should have to do it this way

var gO = Instantiate(particlesystem, transform.position, transform.rotation);
Destroy(gO, seconds);

I don't remember if var is a gameobject or an object type, but with var it should work.

Edit: if you have to destroy the game object (which are you shooting) call destroy(gameobject) too


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