Is there a term of art for the collection of non-gameplay screens or pages in a game. I am thinking of screens such as:

  • title screen
  • options menu (key bindings, volume, graphics quality)
  • credits screen
  • hi-score table (maybe extradiegetic?)
  • help page
  • etc

These are all 'meta-screens', in that they help the player manage the gameplay experience, but are outside the gameplay space.

The term I am looking for should not include screens for extradiegetic elements, such as inventory management, character dialog boxes, hint screens etc. as these are all related to, or control gameplay state.


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Not really (or at least if there is a technical term I've never heard it in common use, but maybe somebody who wanders in from the UX StackExchange site can educate me).

I've heard them informally referred to with a variety of terms, primarily:

  • non-gameplay screens
  • shell or shell screens
  • menu screens

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