I am attempting to create a simple Jeopardy game using the UI features of Unity:

However as im trying to change the size of the screen it does not seem that my UI is responsive:

Here is it in 16:9:

enter image description here

Here it is in 600x900enter image description here

My Question is. is there a way to make it responsive?

Is it even nessary to do so in unity or am i thinking way to much web based? :)

Hope someone is able to help me and guide me abit


This can be done using Horizontal Layout Group and Vertical Layout Groupcomponent for UI objects.

A parent UI object will have a Vertical Layout Groupcomponent and it's child objects will have a Horizontal Layout Group component. Then your objects with Text will be placed under these Horizontal Layout Group component holding objects.

enter image description here

On the Text components, tick Best Fit for font size and align as you need.

I named the objects as their components for clarification.

Games are usually oriented either Landscape or Portrait. Using multiple orientation is bad game UX. Webpages are different than games in this case.

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