I want to implement a Google Leaderboard in my game. The score I will send to the leaderboard is a single long number.

Now I want to make sure that the user's progress won't get lost when reinstalling the app, buying a new mobile, etc.. So I can't store that single long in the Shared Preferences. And I also can't get the user's score back from the leaderboard, since it only supports sending scores (right?).

So I was thinking of implementing a Google SaveGame for that.

What would be the app flow for that?

Thanks in advance!


You can get the score back from the leaderboard.

Using the loadCurrentPlayerLeaderboardScore API call you can get a LeaderboardScore object back that contains the long representation of the score.

You could call it like this;

private void loadScore(String leaderboardId) {
    Games.Leaderboards.loadCurrentPlayerLeaderboardScore(getApiClient(), getString(leaderboardId), LeaderboardVariant.TIME_SPAN_ALL_TIME, LeaderboardVariant.COLLECTION_PUBLIC).setResultCallback(new ResultCallback<Leaderboards.LoadPlayerScoreResult>() {
        public void onResult(final Leaderboards.LoadPlayerScoreResult result) {
            if (result != null && result.getStatus().getStatusCode() == GamesStatusCodes.STATUS_OK) {
                if (result.getScore() != null) {
                    // At this point you have a score
                    long score = result.getScore().getRawScore();

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