Context: I'm building a mobile game targeted for android with libgdx. It's an endless highscore based game. The environment/terrain is build dynamically. It's kind of a maze/wall/block terrain. I'm using the ModelBuilder and MeshPartBuilder API of libgdx to create the model.

Problem: As the game is endless and the terrain random, I need to build the model while rendering preferably at consistent 60fps. I have put the generation code into a worker thread. This works, but the end() method of the ModelBuilder has to be called in the rendering thread, because of the needed opengl context.

Even if I only build a single rectangle using meshpartbuilder, I get a huge framedrop from calling ModelBuilder.end() .


// we are in a worker thread
modelBuilder.begin(); // ModelBuilder instance
MeshPartBuilder wallBuilder = modelBuilder.part("mazePart", GL20.GL_TRIANGLES, Usage.Position | Usage.Normal | Usage.TextureCoordinates, modelMaterial);

... create some meshes with MeshPartBuilder ...

Gdx.app.postRunnable(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        Model model = modelBuilder.end(); // method that causes a framedrop from 60 to ~35

Question: How do I achieve stable fps while building models dynamically in libgdx? Is it even possible?


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