I am making a game where I am making a health script where I have made a blueprint of what needs to be done. I'm trying a blinking effect after the character is hurt.

Can someone help me make a blink effect in Unity for JS?

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I use a Coroutine to bounce the alpha of the SpriteRenderer back and forth between two values. Unfortunately, this is C#, but is should be really easy to port to javascript.

///Renderer is your sprite's SpriteRenderer
///minAlpha is the lower bound that the alpha will "bounce" between
///maxAlpha is the upper bound that the alpha will "bounce" between
///interval is how long each "bounce" takes
///duration is how long the flashing lasts
public static IEnumerator FlashSprite(SpriteRenderer renderer, float minAlpha, float maxAlpha, float interval, float duration)
    Color colorNow = renderer.color;
    Color minColor = new Color(renderer.color.r, renderer.color.g, renderer.color.b, minAlpha);
    Color maxColor = new Color(renderer.color.r, renderer.color.g, renderer.color.b, maxAlpha);

    float currentInterval = 0;
    while(duration > 0)
        float tColor = currentInterval / interval;
        renderer.color = Color.Lerp(minColor, maxColor, tColor);

        currentInterval += Time.deltaTime;
        if(currentInterval >= interval)
            Color temp = minColor;
            minColor = maxColor;
            maxColor = temp;
            currentInterval = currentInterval - interval;
        duration -= Time.deltaTime;
        yield return null;

    renderer.color = colorNow;

You call it like this

StartCoroutine(FlashSprite(renderer, .7f, 1f,2, 3)
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    \$\begingroup\$ Or instead of using alpha you can use red tint over your character then apply and remove it back and forth. \$\endgroup\$ Commented Aug 26, 2016 at 6:16

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