I have different enemy AIs and two spawn-points in a scene, so far. The problem I am having is that only one enemy AI spawns, and the other enemy AI won't spawn, in that scene. How can I fix this problem?

Here is my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class EnemiesSpawner : MonoBehaviour 
    public GameObject [] enemy;
    public Transform [] spawnPoints;
    public float spawnTime = 5f;
    public Vector3 spawnValues;

    void Start () 
        //Call the "Spawn" function every 10 seconds.
        InvokeRepeating("Spawn", spawnTime, spawnTime);

    void Spawn () 
        int spawnPointIndex = Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length); 

        Instantiate(enemy[Random.Range(0, enemy.Length)],
            spawnPoints[spawnPointIndex].position, spawnPoints[spawnPointIndex].rotation);

        Vector3 spawnPosition = new Vector3 (Random.Range (-spawnValues.x, spawnValues.x), 
            1, Random.Range (-spawnValues.z, -spawnValues.z) );

It's because your have single enemy assigned to instantiate.

You need an array of enemies to be spawned.

public GameObject[] enemy;

Then when you instantiate, either do it at random or as you need.

Instantiate(enemy[Random.Range(0, enemy.Length)], //will choose from enemy array

In usual case there are two random things to be taken care of. Random enemy and random point to spawn.

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