I'm currently using Unity 5.3.5f1 free edition.

I have a character in an assetbundle that I load from my server at runtime. The target platform for the asset bundle is Android. The default shader that I use for all the materials in the character is Mobile/Diffuse.

My problem is that when I download and instantiate the character, the whole character appears solid magenta. Please see the below screenshot:

solid magenta character

Interestingly, if I open the scene window and switch the shader to something else (anything) the material starts to display correctly even when I switch it back to Mobile/Diffuse. Obviously, doing this in game isn't a choice so what causes this behavior and how can I fix this? Is this a bug?


This issue only happens when using a mobile shader. When I shifted to the Standard shader, this issue disappeared. Perhaps this is a bug in Unity.

So if you're having a similar problem, just shift to the Standard shader if possible.

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