I want four sprites to orbit a single origin point. But if I use like this

    sprite_p1_avatar = new Sprite(dummyText);
    sprite_p1_avatar.setPosition(200, 200);
    sprite_p1_avatar.setOrigin(100, 100);

    sprite_p2_avatar = new Sprite(dummyText);
    sprite_p2_avatar.setPosition(300, 300);
    sprite_p2_avatar.setOrigin(100, 100);

    sprite_p3_avatar = new Sprite(dummyText);
    sprite_p3_avatar.setPosition(400, 400);
    sprite_p3_avatar.setOrigin(100, 100);

    sprite_p4_avatar = new Sprite(dummyText);
    sprite_p4_avatar.setPosition(500, 500);
    sprite_p4_avatar.setOrigin(100, 100);

    sprite_p1_avatar.rotate(40 * delta);


    sprite_p2_avatar.rotate(40 * delta);

    sprite_p3_avatar.rotate(40 * delta);

    sprite_p4_avatar.rotate(40 * delta);

the sprite get inverted while revolving, as these sprites are profile pictures of users I want them to stay straight while orbiting at every point. Is there any way to move the sprites along a circular path without rotating.


This is rather simple approach. To keep it pointing up, it'd be easier to translate sprites on your own.

  • Calculate current angle of your rotation each frame
  • Then calculate offset from origin (See this link for maths)
  • Add offset to origin and set your position

    public static Vector2 getCurrentPosition(float degrees, Vector2 origin, float radius) {
        //pre-calculate sin and cos
        float radians = degrees * MathUtils.degreesToRadians;
        float sin = MathUtils.sin(radians);
        float cos = MathUtils.cos(radians);
        float offsetX = cos * radius;
        float offsetY = sin * radius;
        float currentX = origin.x + offsetX;
        float currentY = origin.y + offsetY;
        //return your position or set it here, nevermind,  whatever suits you

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