This question is related to (How to calculate the initial velocity of projectile motion by a given distance and angle from point A to B) question.


In the below image is the graphical projection of top-down (oblique).

enter image description here

And this is the pattern that I used to reference.

enter image description here


From the answer, the Coordinate systems describes how the oblique projection works.

screenPos.x = (worldPos.x - cameraOffset.x) * zoomFactor;
screenPos.y = (worldPos.y + worldPos.z - cameraOffset.y) * zoomFactor;

From the related question, currently the camera that I'm using is OrthographicCamera.

Additional question

In the above GIF animation, do I need to customize OrthographicCamera class to achieve the oblique projection? Or do I need to create a new ObliqueCamera class that extends Camera? (If yes, what pointers do I need to review to be able to do it, because I am new to graphical projection).



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