Currently I am using builder-pattern to create my Entities

PooledEngine engine = new PooledEngine();


CharacterComponent character = engine.createComponent(CharacterComponent.class);
TextureComponent texture = engine.createComponent(TextureComponent.class);
SizeComponent size = engine.createComponent(SizeComponent.class);
TransformComponent transform = engine.createComponent(TransformComponent.class);
PhysicsComponent physics = engine.createComponent(PhysicsComponent.class);

Entity entity = engine.createEntity();
entity.flag = Constants.CHARACTER;



Because PooledEngine class didnt support the creation of casting an Entity to another class that extends Entity. Example engine.createEntity(Character.class);, I am having hard thinking how do I wrap these components into single class.


class interface ICharacter {
    void attack();

class interface IMoveable {
    void move();

class Character extends Entity implements ICharacter, IMoveable {

    private Body body;
    private Vector2 position;

    public Character() {
        PhysicsComponent physics = Mappers.physics.get(this);
        TransformComponent transform = Mappers.transform.get(this);

        body = physics.body;
        position = transform.position;

    public void attack() {


    public void move() {
        position.add(x, y);


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You are totally defeating the purpose of using an Entity-Component-System by creating that Character class. The whole drive behind ECS architecture is the decoupling/separation of data(Components) and logic(Systems). What you need to do is create separate Systems to handle attack and movement logic.

Read these two articles, they'll help you get a better understanding of ECS architecture and how to use it:

What is an entity system framework for game development?

Why use an entity system framework for game development?


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