In my engine I have 2 types of 2D renderables: sprites and groups (and maybe primitives later). Sprites are just textured quads and groups are multiple renderables grouped in a single object. I have this drawcall system now:

struct Renderable
    virtual void Render(Renderer& renderer) = 0;

struct Sprite : public Renderable
    Texture& texture;
    // other sprite specific stuff
    void Render(Renderer& renderer) override { renderer.RenderSprite(...); }

struct Group : public Renderable
    vector<Renderable*> elements;
    // Other group related stuff like a transformation matrix
    void Render(Renderer& renderer) override
        for (Renderable* r : elements)

Instead of sendig them straight to the renderer, I need an indirection. This makes rendering many (like 20K) sprites super slow. Is there a better design to avoid indirection (or even abstraction)?


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