I had originally asked this on the Cryengine forums but I received no replies. I know stackexchange to be a much better community.

I am just starting out with Cryengine 5 and created my first blank C++ project. However the documentation is just a little lacking currently and I want to know the ins and outs of what has been generated for me. If there are other forum posts or specific pages in the documentation that I should be looking at but must have overlooked I'd appreciate the links.

I can very easily find documentation on the structure of the engine code. Well at least I think that is what this page refers to. But I'm more concerned with the structure for a new game project.

As far as I am aware the default template contains a single level but I don't know much more than this. Here are a list of questions that I have regarding what has been generated when I created a new project:

  • What is rcjob_all.xml?
  • What does MakeAssets.bat actually do?
  • Game.bat, Editor.bat and Code_CPP.bat launch the Game, Editor, and Visual Studio respectively? What else are these scripts doing?
  • What is the difference between the GameDll and Solutions folder under code? Where should I put my custom code? For example custom flowgraph nodes.
  • How is the Assets folder structured? What are entities, libs, scripts, textures/cubemaps/example and how are these related to what I see within the editor?
  • What is game.cfg?
  • The Assets folder contains Textures.pak. What is the difference between this and the terraintexture.pak within Assets/levels/example?
  • What am I safe to remove so that I have the bare minimum project possible? I want to remove as much cruft as possible (inc. code)

What I am aiming for here is the most basic project possible without removing common functionality i.e. player movement, game startup and rules, etc... so that I may build upon this a new level and not have unused/unnecessary files floating around.


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