I'm trying to understand what is a correct way to model a muscle contraction in a physics engine like PhysX (Unity3D). Muscle that I'm modelling is connected to a bones in 2 points A and B.

Having a total force for the muscle fTotal, I'm trying to apply two forces in points A and B on corresponding bones, where magnitude of each force is a half of the total force. And of course force vectors are lying on the same AB line and pointing to the opposite directions towards the center of the muscle.

fTotal = ||fA|| + ||fB||

One thing that bothers me is a situation when one bone is fixed in space. Intuitively, all contraction force should be applied only to a single attachment point, however, my model will apply only 1/2 of a force. Can you suggest a better way to implement this?


just saw your idea and it helped me on my project! As for your problem: I think that the presence of a fixed object ("kinematic" I guess) is a problem specific enough to deserve a solution of it own. Just check if the other part is kinematic. If yes, then apply the full force on the movable part.

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  • \$\begingroup\$ This is not really a useful insight to the person asking, maybe an example would be useful? \$\endgroup\$ – Ryan white Aug 12 '16 at 10:10

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