The problem described below is a follow-up of Seamless tilemap rendering (borderless adjacent images).

I'm not sure to fully understand the rendering issue I have, so I'll try to describe as much as I can.

I had "seams" when rendering a tile map of tiles of 16px by 16px, more precisely I was seeing the following:


I followed the recommendations describes in this answer. It solved entirely the previous problem. However I now have the following rendering issue:


As you can see, everything is blurry.

I have also tried to do what is recommended in this answer, but it didn't change anything. I got the exact same output.

Last note, this is not always visible. When changing the position and scale of the camera, the rendering can end-up being correct. This is quite random though.

If you are interested in seeing some code, please have a look on the following links:

  • This gives you a rough idea of the pipeline executed
  • This is where the texture coordinates are generated
  • This is where the buffers are instantiated
  • This is the fragment shader
  • This is the vertex shader

If you think you need more details, please feel free to ask me.


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