Since ImGui builds on top of stb_truetype for its font rendering, I thought it could be nicer to use its already built font-processing capabilities (ImGui::GetIO().Fonts), and render with those, instead of using stb_truetype directly.

However, I've been having trouble figuring out how to do this, specifically how to get quad position/texture coordinates for a given string to use with the preloaded texture at ImGui::GetIO().Fonts->TexID.

I'm not looking to draw buttons/text inside ImGui windows, all I want to do is to use ImGui to build vertex data for a given string so that I can render it anywhere.


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From the GitHub issue you opened and the ImgUi FAQ:

Create a dummy window with NoTitleBar|NoResize|NoMove|NoScrollbar|NoSavedSettings|NoInputs, then you can retrieve the ImDrawList* via GetWindowDrawList() and draw to it in any way you like.

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