I am using Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 2.5. Currently, I have a rudimentary platformer game, with the following setup:

  • player object is set as a physics platform, with the physics engine added to make it all work
  • the floor is a quick backdrop, with the obstacle type of obstacle
  • the only platform in the game is also a quick backdrop, with the obstacle type of platform

The way the game is setup, the player object can jump through the platform.


Is there a default, built-in way for the player object to be able to drop down through the platform? To be more specific, is there a default key press or a default combination of keys which would allow the player object to drop down through the platform?

I guess I could add it all in via the Event Editor, but I was wondering if there's a built-in way which handles it all.

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I have been unable to find a default way to achieve what I had in mind, so I ended up using a variant of what was explained in Sparckman's YouTube video, called Indiana Jones - Falling Through Platforms - Tutorial. I'm afraid that I had to delete the link, in order to be able to post a picture. See below.

The trick was to group the lines handling player collisions with platforms, and introduce switches and a counter. Whenever the player presses down arrow, the counter is set to 25, and the Collisions group gets deactivated. Immediately after that, the game starts reducing the counter down to zero. When the counter goes down to zero, the game checks if the Collisions group is deactivated. If it is, the game activates it.

The explanation is (I hope) clearer, once you take a look at the Event Editor:

With the properties window for the counter object on the bottom

Perhaps not the most elegant of ways to solve this issue, but it worked for me.


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