Hey guy i am creating a game, where i am facing some problem.

I am creating a sprite, SpriteT on runtime with a rope effect like snake with proper instances. Also am creating Text object pinned on the rope style sprites with instances and need to handle those sprites objects with text instances.

I gave the leadsprite 8 directions where other families are attached to leadsprite.

Now i want is when i rotate the leadsprite to 90 and then to 180 that is top left movement. I need is to compare the instances of equal positions of sprite Whenever i do this the system never compares each value of sprites. i don't know how to compare the elements of one single array that is definately instances to each other's position record and if they match i want to destroy the sprites objects.

this includes i think there must be some pattern now i need to reverse the remaining spriteT to the Leadsprite on the same pattern.. This is where i am lacking whenever i do this

  // On Destroyed
    OnObjectDestroyed() {
     // This contain let 10 number of sprite to attached with the center of one next sprite.

I have just started and a Noob. Please help this is actually doing in Construct2. Any help would be great. Thanks in Advance!


Create the node as parent and inherit other nodes as child. Set position of child nodes as position.parentNode.x and position.parentNode.y which follows the position of your rootNode.

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