Is it somehow possible to set Scene2D table cell´s size in percentage of the table?

I would like to have orientation independent menu, with buttons filling let´s say 75% percent of the screen, and also to respond on window resizing (desktop version). I have tried several methods, for example using Value


but when value.get(actor) is called inside cell, it is supplied with inner button actor not its container (table).

I have also tried to set it in fixed fashion


This works fine, but since I set pixel value insted of Value object it is not recalculated upon resizing.

Is there any way to achieve this?


You can change the Actor that the Value acts on by supplying the actor (in your case your table) in the constructor like so:

table.add(button).width(Value.percentWidth(.75F, table));

This will make Value use that actor for the Value#get(actor) method instead of the default parent actor.


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