My TiledMap tears when the window is specific sizes, resized, or the camera moves.


The tileset is padded by 2px and have tried as high as 10px. Each tile is 70x70.

Testing Tileset

Here are the pack.json settings,

    paddingX: 2,
    paddingY: 2,
    bleed: true,
    edgePadding: true,
    duplicatePadding: true,
    maxWidth: 4096,
    maxHeight: 4096,
    filterMin: Nearest,
    filterMag: Nearest,
    ignoreBlankImages: true,
    wrapX: ClampToEdge,
    wrapY: ClampToEdge,
    grid: true,
    fast: false

Here is the code.

Parameters params = new Parameters();
params.textureMinFilter = TextureFilter.Nearest;
params.textureMagFilter = TextureFilter.Nearest;
TileMap map = new TmxMapLoader().load(file.getAbsolutePath(),params);

So what am I doing wrong? If nothing, does that mean libgdx absolutely cannot handle TileMaps of any sort?


70 is not a power of 2.


pot: false,

to pack.json for TexturePacker resolved this.


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