I am making a custom modpack, and I need to change the GUI button press sound for my modpack, but I don't know where the sound file is for clicking the GUI button.


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Learning to better help yourself is a wonderful thing, it helps you the most! With most things programming, doing a simple Google search first is typically the best route.

Then there's the option of reading the documentation for the thing you're working on. Often they have helpful tutorials or manuals to help you. Once you find a good source for documentation, it's typically best to look there first.

Finally, you can ask a question on a forum specific to the thing you're working on (but remember to always search the forum for an answer before asking a new one!), or if your question is more general, on a site for more general development in the field you're working in.

Specifically for your question:

Sound directory (after 1.7.2)

The sound files in version 1.7.2 (specifically 13w42a) and above are scattered and hashed into different folders, which are located in:

Windows: %AppData%.minecraft\assets\objects
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/assets/objects
Linux: ~/.minecraft/assets/objects


Copying my answer from Arqade.

How to find a sound file

  1. Open \.minecraft\assets\indexes\<version>.json. <version> can be 1.7.10, 1.8, 14w25b, etc.
  2. In the index file, you can find a organized list of assets and some informations(hash and size) about them. cave9.ogg for example,

    "minecraft/sounds/ambient/cave/cave9.ogg": {
    "hash": "b463fa47816fe9a5dfe508093150e647403e4db6",
    "size": 27096

    has a hash value of b463fa47…. Remember first 2 digits(in this case b4).

  3. The actual sound file is located at .minecraft\assets\objects\<first 2 digits>\ with a filename being a <hash> without any extension. For example, cave9.ogg is located at .minecraft\assets\objects\b4\ with a filename b463fa47816fe9a5dfe508093150e647403e4db6 without extension.

In your case the filename is click.ogg.


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