I am creating a multiplayer game using Photon Cloud (Photon Unity Network). For storage of player data (profile, inventory, achievments) I use web server (asp.net mvc & sql server). How to organize the communication between the game client and the web server? I see two ways:

  1. Use WWW class and send requests direct to web server:

    var www = new WWW("http://mygame.com/api/user.get?id=1");
    // Each time creates a new connection to the web server
  2. Use Photon Cloud Webhooks and send requests through Photon servers:

    // Photon Servers play a Proxy or Relay role between client and web server


Which way do you recommend? The first way is simple but each time creates a new connection to the web server. The second way use one persistent connection between client and Photon server but there is a delay between connecting the Photon server to the web server.


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You can find a list of advantages of the use of Photon's WebRPCs (compared to direct client to web server HTTP requests) at this link.

I think that if you don't need any of those then you shouldn't use it and you can find better alternatives than Unity's WWW.


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